Monday, November 10, 2008

We exist to bear witness

At the end of a TV show I regularly watch, there was a "vanity card" (yeah, that is what they're called, I looked it up!) with the following sentences written on it:

We exist to bear witness.

We had to be.

The infinite needs us to see it.

Without the perceiver,

the perceived does not exist.

That gives us leverage.

Don’t look until you get what you want.”

After reading this I had to comment about it! It is such profound thinking- this coming from public network television! For those of you who don't know, I believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world. Jesus is the bridge to God. Without Jesus, a person cannot understand "who" God is. Keep this in mind as you continue reading.

After reading the above, I believe the writer is right on when it comes to "searching/finding" God. The first sentence "We exist to bear witness" means just that. We who call ourselves christians bear witness to the One who created us. A person is called a christian after they have given their life over to Jesus, who then becomes Lord over their lives. Some christians believe this is a once in a lifetime thing and that is the end of it with no change in their personal life to become more like God. I, on the otherhand, believe this is a continual process that continues day after day with God changing me more and more into His image.

This is where the phrase "We had to be" comes in. If I don't bear witness to the one that created me, no one would be able to see God in me. A true christian who is being changed by God had to be, in order for God to be seen through them, in essence. Keep following me here, I know it's a lot of "religion" stuff to take it!

God needs people who believe in Him to live in a way where people who don't believe in Him starts to believe in Him. This is where the phrase "The infinite needs us to see it" comes in. I believe this goes for both those who believe and those who don't believe God exists. We both need to see what is going on in the world from God's perspective. As a believer in God, I must come to the realization that God uses me as an example of Him each and every day so I must live as though He is living through me. From the perspective of someone who doesn't believe, God needs them to see that He does exist.

Basically, we all have "something" to do because without God, we don't exist anyway. This is where the next sentence comes in. "Without the perceiver, the perceived does not exist." Without God (the perceiver), we (the perceived) don't exist. The fact that we(the perceived) do exist, proves existence of the God we are to bear witness to (whether we want to believe this as truth or not).

The more we understand all this, the more leverage we have in the world and are able to fulfill our responsibility of bearing witness to God. Knowledge is power. Do you have the power from the Creator? Are you looking for it?

As the last phrase says "Don't look until you get what you want." is the key to it all. We aren't going to begin looking for God until we have what we want. What is it that we all want? Simple...Love!! In life, it's everyone's main goal to love and be loved. If we don't feel love, we're surely not going to believe there is a God because if there was, wouldn't he provide the much needed love to us? Think about it. This is the main hang-up on people believing there is a God to begin with. Why would a God allow people to starve? Why does he allow natural disasters to happen? Why would he allow diseases in the world?

Honestly, I dont have an answer to those questions and I wish I did! But I do know He provided me with a hope and a love so great that I have given my life to show others it too! This hope and love can be seen through Jesus. He died on the cross in order for human-kind to be saved from eternal seperation from God. The is the ultimate sacrifice anyone could do in order to show love! The only thing He asks us in return is our lives to be lived to show others that love and help them to see they need Jesus as well. It's soooo easy! In the end, you are blessed with a hope that there is something more to life and a love that is the most fulfilling of all.

What do you want? I love that's most fulfilling of all? Start looking for Jesus. The you will be able to see what God's all about.


Stacy M said...

Great thoughts! I paused the playback last night to read that one too. Great episode of Big Bang--Sheldon's kryponite was hilarious! Felt like I didn't 'get it' at all, but you did a great job deciphering it.

I don't know if your thoughts were his intention, but they certainly will make people think. Too bad you can't send him a copy. I looked him up and he does have a website where you can read all his "Vanity Cards", but no Contact info.

About Me said...

yeah, I highly doubt this was the meaning he had behind it all but that's what I took away from reading it! :)

I loved the episode too. George wasn't home so I watched it by myself, but still laugh hysterically!

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts for sure. Here is my humble take on the words that you have mentioned. It is a bit controversial. I do appreciate your point of view haveing been raised a christian and still am a believer and follower of the teachings of Jesus - so please do not despair at my words. Here we live in the midst of infinity in all that is. All that is - is GOD and GOD is all that is. There is no he or she or it - no physical GOD for to take away all that is from GOD is to deny GOD from the ever present. Now here we sit in the midst of infinity in the middle of total chaos we are harmony. We are matter that has taken on a bold form - life. We are one with in that which is (GOD) and yet seperate. To think that surely there must be more - heaven - is to me the most blasfemous thought of all. We praise total destruction and lable as the second coming - think about armegeddon it almost "hopes" for the end of the world. The bible teaches us eternal salvation through death and destruction of all that is - we are here in the midst of total infinity where our presence is so small so infintesimal so as to not exist at all. We are but a speck on the face of all that is ( GOD ). I beleive that the battle between good and evil will be one with life winning out over total destruction and Armegeddon - Life is precious. life is the gift GOD hath given and so to we bear witness to that which is - ( GOD ) look not at all that is supposed or "beleif" or "faith" look at that which is real - look for the truth and ye will find me - the truth is we are but matter formed into life thinking bearing witness to that which is. It is life that is sacred because life is and GOD is - Death is the absence of life so the absence of what is - GOD. If the end of the world is what a Christian looks forward to then what is it the Devil would favor? Evil is not of god but of man it is man made the hand of the Devil lie with man and so to does the bible for it was written by man for man to instruct man to wage war on its behalf and to civilize man under the auspeses of the high priests so that control and wealth may be centered to a few. thisnk about it - I like you, believe in an ever loving GOD but I do not believe in a physicall god for I gove all that is including self to god - we are one within yet seperate. We bear witness to all that is and thus give GOD the vision and collectively the exerience of what is. All creatures great and small - we as a human race though are the evil that persists we are that which can bring about our own destruction however God will always be for infinity has no bounds it is infinite - throw away belief throw away faith and look at what is left it is tryuly incredible truly awe inspiring and can never be comprehended by the human mind. Good vs Evil - Life vs Death - I choose life.

About Me said...

Thank you for your comments, Anonymous. I do appreciate your take on the words as well.

I noticed you said you are a believer and follower of Jesus' teachings. The difference between what you believe and what I believe is Jesus. I believe Jesus when He said He was LORD and claimed to be God himself. Jesus claimed to do things on behalf of God, therefore claiming equality to God. In Jesus' day, this was seen as blasphemous. This was the reason Jesus died on the cross as a sin sacrifice for yours and for my sins. When it comes to God, everyone must choose whether or not Jesus was who as he claimed to be-GOD. Everyone must choose whether or not Jesus was a liar when he claimed to be representative of God himself, a lunatic for having claimed to be God, or LORD meaning you believe Jesus who was as he claimed to be, representing God himself and that died on the cross in order to take yours and my place on the cross.

A bible verse that shows this is John 14:9 "9Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father?"

I believe Jesus is the same now as who he was back then. I have seen Jesus and I believe he is the bridge to the Father in heaven. Together, they are God. I dont begin to understand this kind of relationship the GOD in heaven has, but I believe that Jesus, who became man through the virgin birth of Mary, still possessed all the qualities of GOD therefore making him THE perfect sacrifice to cover our sins. When GOD looks at me, He sees Jesus' blood covering my life. Without Jesus, I am nothing to God. THIS is why I choose to look at Jesus as more than a man with great teachings. I see Jesus as GOD and LORD of my life.

Anonymous said...

ok although im not shooting down your views ... i believe this message was meant to describe how viewers have the right to view what they wish... if u read it and think about telivision and what progams get cut and which ones make it it makes since that we have the leverage and that without the preciever the precieved does not exist.

About Me said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous! The good thing about being a human being is the different perspectives everyone can have.

To explain a little bit about me, I see what see because I search for relationships with Jesus' love and how I believe God is to how to show Him to people in everyday life. This quote was the perfect example of me doing this! I do it everywhere I go... just looking for different ways to relate Jesus' love and the God I serve to anyone and everyone I come in contact with ;) Just some insight on me!

Thank you again for the comment!!

Anonymous said...

Not entirely related:
"Someday after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then for the second time in the history of the world man will have discovered fire."

One of my favorite quotes

Anonymous said...

The bible is the handbook of the devil - it was written by the only evil in the known universe

The forbidden fruit in the tree of knowledge is the the will of god. DO NOT EAT FROM IT

Jesus never said any of those things in the bible. The writers did. The greatness of Jesus was the wholesale social change his ideas imparted upon the west. It is unfortunate he was not followed in the east.

Anyone who portends to understand know or hear the will of God brings evil to your doorstep. Jesus is my brother and his story corrupted.

About Me said...

Jesus said in Matthew 10, "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." Since I believe Jesus is who He says He is (God's one and only Son) I will confess this truth to others.

Anonymous said...

Just because a group of guys sit down and say something in an elloquent way doesnt make it infallable - The story of the bible is an age old collection of parables told incredibly well, in fact some say better than they have ever been told bofore. THe story of jesus even more incredible and I no dowbt the greatness of the man, however in the spector of what is infinity and true god - that which literally is boundless - Jesus too is nothingness. This is not about who is greater. In all of his great deeds and spectacular healings and ascension into heaven, it is nothing in comparison to what is real - We are surrounded by a billion stars and the closest one will take a lightyear to get to - that is 185,000 miles a second for a year - the next closest is 3 light years or something that is closing in on being bigger than a trillion - and I have no idea how big that is or what the number is. There are another billion stars in the galaxy - a billion! Now go to the closest next galaxy - oh by the way which is moving through space close to the speed of sound. I am sorry I meant light we are moving as a galaxy through space at nearly the speed of light. a billion stars circling at 30,000 miles an hour but moving through space at near the speed of light. You can look through history and see a change in the facts of the bible to fit the facts of reality (or at least an understanding of what we were told they meant) Like pyramids, language, other books, a lot of changes in what was accepted as fact by the church including different layers of heaven etc. Contrast that wiht a better understanding of our surroundings of the facts of where we are. We are no longer the center of the universe as was once thaught by the wirters of the bible. That is we are one of billions of galaxies with stars that are over a billion times larger than our own sun - Some stars are so big you cant see the sun if it is drawn to scale on a ten foot wall! I am teeling ya the end of the world is not where it is at - it is not the victory mankind wants but I can tell you that the that which is, the infinity, the never ending, the all that is. Infinity will not notice a bit except perhaps its loss of witness. It will be forever and yet again. Life will persist and perish and persist again for the only true infinity is the one, the only single - yet infinite. The grace of god is greater than any size harness religion can throw. It is all possibilities but seriously doubt one single sending his son down to do his bidding. Every civilization falls into the religion trap and in just about every casse it ends badly - Aztecs myans greeks they all go to war over it too - just look at what the muslims are doing. We are waiting for it to end and they are trying to make it happen. Meanwhile the hindus dont care because they will come back later. Look for the truth and be amazed...

About Me said...

that you for your thoughts reader!!! I can tell you have pondered a lot about the expanses of the universe! And believe me , I too have done the same. The fact is the universe is limit-less. However, instead of just wondering about just how far those limits stretch, I think about why they stretch and what uses we can make out of the fact it stretches. Now those thoughts will blow your mind. Why would we live in a limitless universe? What reason would we live in wonder of what we can not explain? I can say it's because it is a picture, an actual taken picture, of the thoughts of a higher being. Now that is amazing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

to me, for there to be a god it means that it has to be all about us. It has to be about humans humans humans. We are definately the most self absorbed creatures - it is always about us. God taking our form? - dust to dust. We go back to whence we came and our life is over - how sweet is this simple fact. You get to live. You look for higher meaning and yet it is right in front of your face - how thankless! The eternity you seek is literally at your feet. Walk in the garden, you are a child of god and are here, heaven is on earth. it is not about you and never has been. You are going to die, so what. the greatness of the infinite god is real it is here in the present and you doubt. How silly to be in the face quite literally, of infinity and god and to deny this existance, To deny this overwhelming existance to you, denying it while walking through the garden. You walk in the garden, just see it for a moment look for the truth. Throw away belief for a night - and you will find me.

Anonymous said...

"What reason would we live in wonder of what we can not explain?"

You are not the center of the universe - you are so stuck up and you dont even know it!

the greatness of god cannot be measured in your nimble mind nor anyones - god owes you no reason nor does he have any awareness of you - he is you and you are he in oneness you exist. Walk in the garden every day. you are already here. believe it and you will see it peace

About Me said...

Anonymous, who are you to judge me and my beliefs? Are you God? The only thing that I take from your comments is you think you have the answers and you are going to deny the posibility that what you believe might not be true. You are a bully! You come on to my blog and bash my beliefs and then have the audacity to call ME stuck up? REALLY?

I serve a God of love. I choose to believe that He wouldn't just leave His creation down here on earth without any clue to what that love is like. As his creation both you and I have the potential to love one another and the others around us. Obviously you choose to not look for love or act in love towards me-otherwise, you might find what God really wants us, His creation, to see all along....

Anonymous said...

Gotta love everything being brought back to "God".

About Me said...

Well if it wasn't brought back to God, it would always be brought back to individual people which means certain people would perceive themselves in a position of power over others and would then use that position to lord it over others (which I have clearly seen you do with me).

Sorry, but in my world, everyone is on a level playing field no matter where they come from, what they look like, or how much money they have. I am sorry to say you have a fake power in a fake kingdom in which you have appointed yourself the king of and you think that power carries over to other people's lives. Reality check! It doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved to come across your Christian interpretation that I understand and believe in. I saw this quote after an episode of "Big Bang Theory". I don't watch regularly, but I'm familiar with the show, the characters, the brilliantly humorous writing, and obviously - the title. However. I read an equally eloquent explanation from what was clearly an atbiest's belief. It left me feeling sorry for the person - even though clearly they believe what was written. Thanks for your reminder for Believers. I'm thankful for God's grace, mercy, and reign over my life....